5 Most Popular American Breakfast Dishes

It is undeniable that they eat very well, right?

It may have been in a movie or a series, but at least once in your life you’ve seen that American breakfast table with so many options. There, they take this meal really seriously, they tend to be hearty. Do you know what they eat besides the famous waffles?

It’s no wonder that breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and Americans take it really seriously. There are plenty and many delicious options to eat. It’s even worth taking at least one basic English course to learn how to order on an eventual trip to the United States.

Before satiating your hunger, set aside a moment of the day for exercise, as some of these typically American dishes are not so light. Check out the most popular, in descending order.


1 – Eggs

They eat in a variety of ways. Scrambled eggs, fried (over easy) or fried with the yolk on top (sunny side up). They also accompany toast with butter and bacon.














2 – Pancakes

You know those very round and fluffy pancakes? In addition to being beautiful, they are delicious. They eat with different types of syrup: the traditional maple syrup, but it can also be honey, dulce de leche, chocolate syrup, etc. Bacon also comes with the recipe.














3 – Waffles

They follow practically the same recipe as the pancakes, the same topping options and, of course, with the bacon accompaniment. To drink, they usually opt for coffee or orange juice.













4 – Cereals

Well, these are nothing new for us, despite the fact that most of the time here in Brazil, children are used to eating cereals. There it is quite common at all ages.












5 – Oatmeal

If you are learning English or are there, ask for oatmeal. The recipe is not different from the ones we usually eat around here, with milk and varied fruits, such as bananas, grapes, strawberries, and sometimes even peanuts.
















You have two options to eat all these delicacies. Doing at home or traveling to the United States, which would undoubtedly be much more fun and enriching, let’s face it. With EducationUSA you can find great exchange opportunities at several Universities across the United States. Study there and live a unique experience!


Source: Quora

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